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Need an Editor?

In addition to writing, I’m also a freelance editor. From poetry to novels, essays to creative nonfiction, I love working on various projects. Whether you need in-depth, sentence-by-sentence editing or just want to develop the work itself, I’m here to help you. You’ve taken a lot of time and love to create a written work, so I treat every piece with care, ensuring you can tell the story you want to tell in the best way possible.

My true passions lie with fiction, short stories, and novels, but I enjoy editing poetry and essays. I really get excited about working on Sci-fi, Fantasy, Action, YA and New Adult, and Supernatural genres, but I’m not opposed to working with Romance, Slice of Life, and Historical Fiction. I don’t work on overly explicit sexual works, or Erotic works, Horror, formatting children’s books, or textbooks. For fiction, I prefer to work with the first book in a series, especially for developmental edits, but if a detailed summary of the first book (including plot, places, characters, and descriptions) is provided or the first book is given to me to read prior, I don't mind.

My background is in English, with a minor in writing, so I can offer feedback and critiques that will help to develop your writing at any stage. As a writer, I understand that it can be hard to hand your work over to someone to essentially be torn apart, but don’t fear; breaking the story down will give it a chance to be built up stronger than before, so it can be transformed into the polished work you have spent so long imaging and bringing to life on the pages.

I offer editing help with copyediting, developmental editing (meaning I can help you take an idea and put it on the page), and line editing. I can do proofreading, but it's not my favorite. My goal is to always encourage you to see what your work will become.

I offer different prices for editing, depending on what kind of edits you’re looking for.


*Light edits with spelling, grammar, and basic punctuation–$1.00 per page

*Medium edits with more focus on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and a basic plot critique–$2.00 per page

*Heavy edits with a deep look at line editing, spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence flow, and readability–$3.00 per page

Developmental editing

I'll look at plot, characters, and story structure, and help create an alpha list–$3.00 per page


My prices are set according to the number of pages, the type of editing done, and the time frame that you want your work completed in. The typical turnaround for novels is 1-2 months (depending on the length and the type of editing required). I try to be flexible with your budget, but additional costs may be added due to expedited results, more in-depth development than what was originally discussed, or additional revision submissions. I will always let you know beforehand what the cost will be. Prices will be determined after getting in touch with me and filling out an introductory form where you tell me about your work and what you’re looking for editing-wise.

For payment, I ask that half of the agreed-upon price be submitted via PayPal or Venmo, and then send the other half a week after edits have been submitted. I’m flexible with different payment plan options. If you have any questions, you can fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Books I've worked on

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