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Let the Hurt Girl Speak

She is the girl who feels too much, left with emotions dripping from cracks in her heart. She is the girl who wants to speak but is afraid of her own voice. She is the girl who is told to get over it and that it could be worse. She is the girl who has spent too long letting the voices of other people define her. She is the girl who desperately wants someone to listen rather than to fix her. She is the girl who just wants to speak.

Image by Alfons Morales


Let the Hurt Girl Speak

Let the Hurt Girl Speak is a brave account of the author’s own struggles with anxiety, sadness, embarrassment, understanding, and hope--many human emotions that can be so difficult to put into words. But the author is able to successfully portray these human experiences that so many of us can relate to. I found myself empathizing with the author and reflecting on moments in my life where I have experienced similar thoughts and feelings. The author’s reflections each have powerful messages that will stay with the reader and leave them feeling a little less alone in the world.

Lucy Stone

This is a wonderful collection of heartfelt prose/poems that is a delightful read. You can feel the emotions of the author and it is very easy to resonate with the sentiments expressed. Very worth the purchase and read!

Brooke Johnson

The prose really hits home.

Mingjie Zhai

Really loved this book, the way the sentences flow brings you into the author's experiences. An absolutely great read!

Daria DiResta

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