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The Assassin of Grins and Secrets

An assassin with secrets to protect.
A prince wanting to find answers.
A captain wrestling with his past.



Once the infamous assassin who killed with a smile, Serein now waits for death in the fighting pits of the Harpy's Chest. When the crown prince of Sarddon, Rameses al-Amirmoez, seeks her out with an offer of freedom if she serves as his guard, she must decide whether to work for those who ravaged her homeland or die.


Rameses wants to believe that the war his father started was justified, but he has heard rumors and seen a cruelty in his father that causes him to question everything he's been told. To find answers, he needs Serein.


Uriah Stormheir, Captain of the Oyon's city guard, finds himself caught between his duty to the crown and his friendship with Rameses. His distrust for Rameses' new guard runs deep. As Uriah wrestles with guilt from his past, he must work alongside the dangerous assassin whose true motives are hidden underneath her scars and dark grins.


In a land of hot sands and dying magic, Serein plays the game of secrets with Uriah and Rameses, knowing one wrong step could end her life. As the shadows of her past catch up with her, she has to choose between pursuing vengeance and protecting a secret only she knows.





Rameses Nasr ibn Sethos al-Amirmoez

Uriah Stormheir

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Trained as an assassin from childhood, Serein now finds herself serving the country that destroyed her homeland. Her cutting wit is as sharp as her eye for detail, using her keen skills of observation to read people and situations. 

Crown prince of Sardon, Rameses prefers to spend his time reading and enjoying a good cup of coffee. A proficient archer and a lover of dogs, he uses his charm to steer Sarddon's trade and bring about a brighter future for his country.

Trained as a soldier and captain of Oyon's City Guard, Uriah takes his job of ensuring the city's safety very seriously. Haunted by memories of his time on the front, he struggles to come to terms with his actions on the front and regaining his sense of honor.

The World of Cemiyon

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Image by Alfons Morales


The Assassin of Grins and Secrets

The main characters are compelling, the magic system is interesting, and the lush worldbuilding has me looking forward to future installments. If you're looking to start a fantasy series that is lovingly written with beautiful detail, you should check out this book to support an Indie author.

Sara Omer, Goodreads

Each chapter leaves you wondering and waiting, your mind exploring its own hidden passage ways in attempt to understand, unravel, and discover. Not for the squeamish, but worth the adventure.

Loureen Murphy, Goodreads

If you're a fan of complex characters, intricate worldbuilding, decadent food descriptions, and gritty murder, this is the book for you! Serein is a great main character, and her interactions with Uriah and Rameses are so much fun. Her synesthesia in particular makes her way of seeing the world interesting; everything drips with vibrance and color.

Morgan Dante, Goodreads

Each character has a complex history and their own prejudices that influence the storyline and interactions exponentially. The world-building is so layered and complex that readers will love just how much thought went into it, from the descriptions of each place to the details in foods and spices each nation utilizes. On top of those things, the foreshadowing and questions left unanswered will make the readers very eager to read the next installment.

Karlee Berrios, Reedsy

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